Prince Of Wales Alumni Association, California Chapter

Greetings from the Prince of Wales Alumni Association, California Chapter (POWAAC)!

POWAAC is a registered nonprofit association (501(3) c) and its primary mission is to provide financial assistance to the Prince of Wales School with the purpose of enhancing its quality of education, sustaining its infrastructure, and making education affordable to its students.

Since its inauguration in 2006, POWAAC has pursued several initiatives independently and in collaboration with other Global Alumni Associations in the US and the UK to realize its stated goals. POWAAC’s primary initiative the past few years has been our Textbook Project. In its bid to enhance the quality of education at the Prince of Wales School, the California Chapter has embarked on specific projects, including the provision of English Language Arts and Mathematics textbooks for multiple grades. Between 2012 and 2018, our chapter executed on its long-term vision of making all required textbooks available to students at no charge. POWAAC spent over $17,000 to provide 3200 books. With the prospects of free education in Sierra Leone, funded by the government, POWAAC has been exploring other forms of support. In 2020/21, funded the installation of a Network Infrastructure to facilitate high speed internet access by pupils and teachers. This was part of a larger project – The Quality Science/Math Curricular & V-Learning Project – funded by collaboratively by Alumni Associations in the Diaspora. In 2021, POWAAC additionally provided financial assistance in the form of scholarships to disadvantaged but deserving students.

POWAAC continues to collaborate with other Prince of Wales Alumni Chapters (in Georgia, Washington DC, New Jersey, and the UK) in providing funding to the Prince of Wales School to support projects and activities, including building renovation and rehabilitation projects; replacement of damaged classroom furniture to ease chronic shortage of furniture for staff and students; and augmentation of the science lab by equipping it with upgraded hardware and software. Recently, POWAAC has joined a collaborative effort other Diaspora Alumni Chapters in funding the repair of the Science Block and in purchasing learning equipment for special needs students.

 POWAAC further contributes money to a general fund used to:

  • Maintain a teachers’ revolving account, which allows teachers of the school to be paid their monthly salaries whenever the government delays in doing so

  • Provide stipends for newly-hired teachers, who sometimes go unpaid while their employment paperwork is being processed by the government

  • Provide Christmas bonus for administrators, teachers, staff, & all employees


We have been able to accomplish all that we have thanks to the hard work and commitment of our members and the generous support of those patronizing our fundraising initiatives. The primary sources of funding for these and future ventures are annual dues by members, proceeds from fund raising events such as the association’s annual Dinner and Dance and Thanksgiving Service, and donations from sponsors. All proceeds go toward funding critical projects.


We are committed to continuing to provide support to enhance the quality of education at the Prince of Wales School and we continually seek the support of donors. We hope that you will consider donating to the association and patronize its fundraising activities. POWAAC is a registered nonprofit organization and your donations are tax deductible.

 Thank you for your anticipated support.




Malcolm Finney

President – Prince of Wales Alumni Association, California Chapter


The Sierra Leone Children’s Charity Foundation Medical Scholarship.

Alhaji Harune JannehFunding for this scholarship was made possible through The Sierra Leone Children’s Charity Foundation – established by Dr. Lytton Williams of the California Chapter of the Prince of Wales Alumni Association (POWAA). Dr. Williams was a student of excellent standing at the Prince of Wales School and received a scholarship upon completion of his secondary education to pursue a Bachelor’s degree at Hampton University, Virginia, USA. Dr. Williams later graduated from Medical School at Cornell University, New York, USA, and is now a prominent orthopedic surgeon in Los Angeles, California, USA. Hampton University, a historically black university, is ranked among the top 10 universities in the United States in graduating black students in the sciences and other disciplines. Cornell University, a private institution, is the most educationally diverse member of the Ivy League Universities in the U.S. It is Dr. Williams’ hope that promising students at the Prince of Wales are accorded the opportunity to pursue their dream of becoming a medical doctor in the future and accomplish that by following in the footsteps of Dr. Williams. This scholarship covers tuition and living expenses for a Bachelor’s degree at Hampton University and Medical School at Cornell University. Annual renewal of the scholarship requires the recipient to be in academic good standing at both universities.

Recipients of the scholarship are expected to provide evidence of excellent academic performance at the Prince of Wales School and penchant for public service involvement in the community. Mr. Alhaji Harune Janneh, after a rigorous selection process, became the first recipient of the award. Mr. Janneh is currently enrolled in the Biology program at Hampton University in Hampton, Virginia, focusing on cellular and molecular sciences. To-date, he has maintained a Grade Point Average of 3.79, which has accorded him the honor of being on the Dean’s List.

The Prince of Wales Alumni Association, California Chapter, is eternally grateful to alumni and well-wishers for their support, which has contributed immensely to the overall success of the mission of Prince of Wales Alumni Associations. We look forward to your continued patronage of our fundraising activities in the future. Thank you.

POW Alumni Association California Chapter


 The Prince of Wales Alumni Association, California Chapter is pleased to announce the offer of 20 scholarships to students currently enrolled at the school for the 2021/2022 academic year. The scholarship will partially help towards the purchase of text books, uniforms, and other required school supplies for the 2021/2022 school year.

 Eligibility Requirements:

  •  Current enrollment at the Prince of Wales School
  •  Demonstrate a financial need for the scholarship
  • Good academic performance
  • Good disciplinary record


How to Apply:

 Complete an application form available at the school office

 Write an essay of three paragraphs or more telling the selection committee why you deserve the scholarship. Briefly tell us about your family background; community involvement and extra-curricular activities; and academic and professional aspirations.

 Submit last report card for 2020/2021 or NPSSE results


Completed application, essay, and report card must be submitted by email

 Click here to download application form.

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or  WhatsApp # 232-99-241852 


no later than May 31, 2021.

 The scholarship will be renewed every year if the student maintains satisfactory academic performance and acceptable personal conduct.


Presentation of 300 Tables and Chairs

There was a great deal of excitement from both students and staff of the Prince of Wales School when 300 tables and chairs were presented to the school on behalf of the Global Prince of Wales Alumni Association. The Global Association is an amalgamation of all the overseas Alumni Associations of the school. Currently, these associations are in London in the United Kingdom, Washington Metropolitan Area in the USA, New Jersey, Atlanta in Georgia, and California, USA. In an admirable feat of collaboration, they all worked together to relieve the unfortunate situation in the school which saw students not having tables and chairs to use in their classrooms. All the speakers at the ceremony emphasized the need for the students to take good care of these items of furniture. The Global Alumni Associations were represented by Mr. Robert Strasser-King.  Other speakers at the ceremony included the Principal of the Junior Secondary School, the President of the Freetown Chapter of the Alumni Association and the city councilor representing the constituency.