Prince Of Wales Alumni Association, California Chapter

Prince of Wales Alumni Association, California Chapter

Donation of Mathematics textbooks

One of the greatest areas of need of the Prince of Wales School identified by the California Chapter is for text books for the students.  In an attempt to meet this need, the Chapter is now undertaking to provide text books in all subject areas for all the students at the school. As a start, 900 Mathematics texts were donated to the school at a formal presentation ceremony held at the school in January, 2013. These books will be made available to students in the first year of Junior Secondary School and third year of Senior Secondary School. The books will be used by the students and returned at the end of the year. The California Chapter was represented by Mr. Robert Strasser-King who admonished the students to take good care of the books so that they will be available for use by the students coming after them. Also present at the ceremony were the President of the Freetown Chapter of the Alumni Association and the member of the Freetown City Council representing King Tom constituency. The Principal of the Junior Secondary School, Mr. Aubrey Jones also addressed the students and appealed to them to take very good care of the books.