Prince Of Wales Alumni Association, California Chapter
Greetings from the Prince of Wales Alumni Association, California Chapter (POWAAC)! POWAAC is a registered nonprofit association (501(3) c) and its primary mission is to provide financial assistance to the Prince of Wales School in Freetown, Sierra Leone with the purpose of enhancing its quality of education, sustaining its infrastructure, and making education affordable to its students, most of whom hail from low-income families. Since its inauguration in 2006, POWAAC has pursued several initiatives independently and in collaboration with other Global Alumni Associations in the US and the UK to realize its stated goals. POWAAC’s primary initiative the past few years has been the Textbook Project. In its bid to enhance the quality of education at the Prince of Wales School, POWAAC has embarked on specific projects, including provision of English Language Arts and Mathematics textbooks for multiple grades. Since 2012, our chapter has been executing on its long-term vision of making all required textbooks available to students at no charge. So far, we have spent over $17,000 to provide 3200 books. POWAAC additionally contributes cash prizes awarded to students recognized for outstanding academic accomplishment during the annual school prize-giving ceremonies. With the prospects of free education in Sierra Leone, funded by the government, POWAAC will be exploring additional ventures, including providing scholarships and other forms of financial assistance for disadvantaged but deserving students. POWAAC continues to collaborate with other Prince of Wales Alumni Chapters (in Georgia, Washington DC, New Jersey, and the UK) in providing funding to the Prince of Wales School to support projects and activities, including building renovation and rehabilitation projects; replacement of damaged classroom furniture to ease chronic shortage of furniture for staff and students; and augmentation of the science lab by equipping it with upgraded hardware and software. POWAAC additionally contributes money to a general fund used to: • Maintain a teachers’ revolving account, which allows teachers of the school to be paid their monthly salaries whenever the government delays in doing so • Provide stipends for newly-hired teachers, who sometimes go unpaid while their employment paperwork is being processed by the government • Provide Christmas bonus for administrators, teachers, staff, & all employees We have been able to accomplish all that we have to-date, thanks to the hard work and commitment of our members and the generous support of those patronizing our fund-raising initiatives. The primary sources of funding for these and future ventures are annual dues by members, proceeds from fund-raising events such as the association’s annual Dinner and Dance and Thanksgiving Service, and donations from sponsors. All proceeds go toward funding critical projects. We are committed to continuing to provide support to enhance the quality of education at the Prince of Wales School and we continually seek the support of donors. We hope that you will consider donating to the association and patronizing its fund-raising activities. POWAAC is a registered non-profit organization and your donations are tax deductible. Thank you for your anticipated support. Sincerely, Malcolm Finney President – Prince of Wales Alumni Association, California Chapter