Prince Of Wales Alumni Association, California Chapter


President's Message

The Prince of Wales Alumni Association, California Chapter (POWAA, CA) launched its text books drive for the Prince of Wales (POW) School in Freetown, Sierra Leone in September 2010, with a projected goal to raise the sum of $50,000.00. This sum of money will allow for the group to provide needed textbooks to all students attending the POW. We strongly believe that we will be able to reach this goal with the support from you.  I am pleased to announce that we have started this project by providing 1,200 new test books made up of four different text books evenly attributed.  We are delighted to have you as our partners in helping us provide this dire need for the students. Education is the best investment that key nations have embarked on, and the results have proven to determine sound economic growth; a panacea for better life.

Today, I want to make a special plea to all of you for your commitment by contributing to this worthy investment. Every dollar counts as this will help in providing an investment to the future. My wife (Jarata) and I are very passionate in making charitable contribution and we focus our contribution to helping to improve the economic arena in Freetown, Sierra Leone. Every year we reevaluate our domestic spending habit to create funds to help charitable organization. This year we made our usual special evening dinner monthly treat funds towards the worthy cause by dedicating that money to worthy projects such as the POWAA, CA Books for Kids and the Passion for Children Foundation. We are convinced this little gesture of ours will help a child or two to meet their dreams.  I trust that you will assist us in making the wishes of the leaders of our tomorrow a reality.

There are several avenues that the California chapter in collaboration with the other POWAA Diaspora chapters has and will continue to make financial contribution to promote education as the means for survival. Some of these key projects are as follows:

(1) Providing supplementary income to the staff at the School in Freetown, Sierra Leone

(2) Refurbishing and upgrading the computers in the lab

(3) Providing scholarships to students at the school.

(4) Donating prizes during the annual prize giving ceremony.

 (5) Creating a secured environment at the school.

 (6) Providing chairs and tables for the students at the school.

 (7) Provide after school assistance for student taking the external exams

 (8) A Scholarship to Alhaji Janneh to study at Hampton University through Dr. Lytton Williams.

 This year we started a new project in California to recognize all graduates from mid-School, High School, College, University, and other trade Institutions within the Sierra Leonean Community. The Class of 2012 was our first group of graduate which was celebrated with Graduation Recognition Picnic held on July 21, 2012 at the Cerritos, East Park where we provided free food and drinks and honored 32 graduates from the different areas highlighted above.  The graduates were honored with a certificates and gift cards ranging from $25.00 to $150.00 per graduate.

 How do we raise the money to fund all these activities? Fund are generated through the l yearly financial contribution from all the members of this organization; through fund raising events such as our annual Thanksgiving service and our annual Dinner and Dance; and by special donation from individuals like you.

 I stated earlier that education is the means for survival; I am sure all of you will agree with me because without a sound education your financial capacity is limited. I can attest to this because when I relocated to the USA, I have no college degree and therefore I found myself engaged in doing menial jobs with less pay. I can still remember going down memory lane that night at the dumpster at McDonald with tears pouring down by eyes and saying these words “This is not me; I have the potential that is bigger and greater than this.” I invested all my energy and will power to gain as much education as I could and the end result is my living testimony. In the USA, the avenues are available but in Sierra Leone this is not the case. They need us and we can help make their dreams a reality.

The demand for education is very high in Sierra Leone but the country does not match this demand with the supply of education. The children want to learn and therefore they need our help.  You can make a difference by helping us achieve our goal as we seek to provide Text books for the children. Any contribution made by you will help in meeting our goal of $50,000.00. As at today we have met 19% of our goal and I trust by the end of this evening we would double this percentage.

 I want to thank you all for your anticipated support and strongly believe we will make quality education affordable to the children of Sierra Leone through the provision of Textbooks. We are truly honored to have you as part of our team and pray that the good Lord will continue to endow you with many more blessings. Long Live the Prince of Wales!  Forward ever, backward never!

 Arnold Jenner Blanshard, CPA/MBA