Prince Of Wales Alumni Association, California Chapter

The Sierra Leone Children’s Charity Foundation Medical Scholarship.

Alhaji Harune JannehFunding for this scholarship was made possible through The Sierra Leone Children’s Charity Foundation – established by Dr. Lytton Williams of the California Chapter of the Prince of Wales Alumni Association (POWAA). Dr. Williams was a student of excellent standing at the Prince of Wales School and received a scholarship upon completion of his secondary education to pursue a Bachelor’s degree at Hampton University, Virginia, USA. Dr. Williams later graduated from Medical School at Cornell University, New York, USA, and is now a prominent orthopedic surgeon in Los Angeles, California, USA. Hampton University, a historically black university, is ranked among the top 10 universities in the United States in graduating black students in the sciences and other disciplines. Cornell University, a private institution, is the most educationally diverse member of the Ivy League Universities in the U.S. It is Dr. Williams’ hope that promising students at the Prince of Wales are accorded the opportunity to pursue their dream of becoming a medical doctor in the future and accomplish that by following in the footsteps of Dr. Williams. This scholarship covers tuition and living expenses for a Bachelor’s degree at Hampton University and Medical School at Cornell University. Annual renewal of the scholarship requires the recipient to be in academic good standing at both universities.

Recipients of the scholarship are expected to provide evidence of excellent academic performance at the Prince of Wales School and penchant for public service involvement in the community. Mr. Alhaji Harune Janneh, after a rigorous selection process, became the first recipient of the award. Mr. Janneh is currently enrolled in the Biology program at Hampton University in Hampton, Virginia, focusing on cellular and molecular sciences. To-date, he has maintained a Grade Point Average of 3.79, which has accorded him the honor of being on the Dean’s List.

The Prince of Wales Alumni Association, California Chapter, is eternally grateful to alumni and well-wishers for their support, which has contributed immensely to the overall success of the mission of Prince of Wales Alumni Associations. We look forward to your continued patronage of our fundraising activities in the future. Thank you.